Mekosan was established in 1997 in the industrial city of Kayseri, Turkey. A group of experienced engineers with a long history in the steel wire & cable industry started the design and manufacture of automated process equipment for wire drawing systems.

Through market demand, innovation and development new products were introduced and Mekosan’s business today can be classified in specific technology areas:

Automatic Packaging Machines for Tubes & profiles: The first automatic tube packaging machine was manufactured in 2005, today Mekosan has produced more than 50 units. As well as the Turkish tube market, Mekosan packaging systems are installed on tube mills in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Several units have also been supplied directly to tube mill manufacturing companies.

In addition to automatic packing systems have added offline painting lines and also jute packing systems to the tube & pipe machinery range. These new options give our customers the ability to protect their products in different ways for prolonged storage or long distance transport.

Wire Drawing Production Machinery: Continuous research and development in wire drawing technology has enabled Mekosan to establish itself as a leading supplier in this industry, both within Turkey and also overseas markets.

The introduction of the first ‘torque motor system’ for wire drawing has given producers significant manufacturing advantages such as energy savings, increased reliability, smaller footprints and reduced maintenance.

Automation System Engineering: Integrated electronic and mechanical engineering has also been utilised for many years at Mekosan. This considerable experience has enable us to also supply automation for systems and processes outside the standard Mekosan range of machinery. This has included waste water treatment, energy saving and crane systems.

In addition to being a design and manufacturing organisation, Mekosan is a distributor of ABB drives and motors in Turkey. We are also one of only three drive alliance partners for ABB drives in the Turkish market.

Mekosan operates out of two production plants in Kayseri with more than 8000m² of floor space. There are 125 employees including 20 engineers.

Mekosan Production range includes:

Tube & Pipe Industry

·        Automatic tube & profile packaging machines

·        Jute bundle packing lines

·        Tube and profile automatic painting lines

Steel Wire Industry

·        Steel wire drawing machines

·        Vertical axis multiple block dancer arm with speed synchronisation

·        Inclined axis multiple block dancer arm with speed synchronisation

·        Multi block overhead dry drawing machines

·        Vertical pay-off

·        Spoolers

·        Coilers

·        Coiler lift unit

·        Mechanical descaling unit

·        Mechanical rust scathing brushes

Copper Wire and Cable Industry

·        Electrolytic copper wire drawing machines – Inlet diameter 0,8-1.0mm, outlet diameter 0.01mm-0.25mm

·        Motorised pay-off for 630mm spools

·        Motorised pay-off for 1000mm spools

·        Corrugator

·        Tape pay-off for data cables